Hi, my name is Jamin Blount.

This used to be a blog, but I didn't update it in a really long time, and blogs are somewhat passé now, don't you think? Most blogs these days usually have a lot of posts that start with "try this one weird trick" and "you won't believe who" and are built around the premise that you're a sucker. You're not a sucker, are you?

I live in Texas with my family. I get paid to type really fast, usually with a lot of dollar signs and other special characters. I enjoy technology, web programming, rock music, cooking meat with fire, and many other things that you may also enjoy.

If you want to connect, use the links below:

You may also be looking for one of the games I made a long time ago, when I was still young and dumb, before people started paying me to do that sort of thing:

At some point in the future, I may decide to do something else with this website. It's got my name in it and everything, right? Until then, I suppose this will have to do.